Thank you to all who contributed to the creation of Motion Potion. I am not one under normal conditions to have great bowl motions, mix 26 weeks pregnant with numerous and large fibroids, scar tisue from a previous surgery to remove fibroids and normal Braxton Hicks tightenings and you have a concoction for considerable pain. Due to the pain from gas and constipation I had Braxton Hicks Contraction almost solidly throughout the day which in turn made the cramping from the gas more painful. I have been taking Motion Potion for this the 4th day now and I experienced relief by the end of the first day. This day 4 I am well slept and my husband didn’t have to help me out of bed. I have been up for a couple of hours and the tightenings in my uterus have been gentle and short. I love being pregnant. It is such a joy for me and being able to balance my digestive system makes it easier to focus on what I love and I’m sure gives more to my growing baby with my digestive system more able to absorb and extract all the nutrients we both need. Thank you all again this is a great product.