"Thank you very much. Given how much the Motion Potion has transformed my son’s life, I seriously get scared of the possibility of being without it!"


Tried a Sample and Love it!!

I have just started your product and find it very easy to take and that fact that it contains beneficial fibres, pre and pro-biotics it is to be highly recommended

Motion Potion is the only thing that works. I'm in rehab and I need it, cant get out to get it. The nurses and Dr's here keep giving me clowyl, movitol, metimucil, nothing works and nothing has moved in over a week now. help.

Best product so far!

This product is EXCELLENT!! 🙂

I tried a sample from my health shop and it was great. nothing else has worked for me since a bowel operation 2 years ago.

I have commenced using Motion Potion and it is a fantastic product.

Fantastic product!

I got the sample in a store to try and felt good immediately. I have a very sensitive system and react badly to anything artificial.You have created a great product.

I have recently obtained some of your samples of Motion Potion and just love the product. After having issues with my bowel from lower back injuries from a car accident I have now found a product that is making a huge difference to how my bowel is working on a daily basis. Your product is brilliant and have told many people how good it is. Congratulations and Thank you.

I have tried a small sample of motion potion and have already felt the benefits I would love to continue taking this product as it has already helped with the pain.

I seriously haven’t felt this good in years!!!! It’s solid.....and I haven’t gone solid since my surgery back in 2004. (It feels funny discussing my motions but I guess you get it all the time). I’ve tried many products and have always given up after a month with no results. It seriously took 3 days for your product to work. I’m absolutely amazed as I was told I would most likely never be normal again. I have no problems recommending your product to anyone who asks and I’ve been raving about it all week. I ordered some product online on the weekend and I look forward to a long supply! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Motion Potion has helped me so much, I have gone from struggling to pass a motion once a week to being very regular. Now I want to get my sister taking it and show her how great it feels to be REGULAR!!

Love your product!

I have been taking Motion Potion for 2 weeks now and find it great. It settles my gut down.

I had a trial packet from my health food store. Over the three days I experienced a marked improvement.

This product is absolutely fantastic it's made me feel well again, I never thought this possible, amazing!!!

Motion Potion is fantastic, I am moving over to South East Asia in a few months time and I will continue to purchase Motion Potion - but online - I couldn't go anywhere without it.

Thankyou for creating such a gentle non aggressive nutritional bowel formula. I am very happy to be able to take this pleasant tasting formula everday. As I am now in my 60's It gives me a good feeling that I am contributing towards my own future good health. Thanks again.

This stuff is awesome I tried the three day trial given to me at my local health store and have told all my mates. And best of all it does not taste bad!

I tried a 3 day product trial of Motion Potion and I was impressed with how quickly I felt great! It made me realise I was sick of feeling "crap" and it's time to do something about it. Thanks for a product that has it all!

A potion for motion is what I needed. Now that I'm back (in motion), life is so much better! I don't have to carry extra sh.t around with me anymore - a very good thing! Thank you.

I love motion potion! It's saved my life - the best product I have ever purchased!

Great product that works so gently.

Just a wonderful product!

I absolutely love this product! I am even sacrificing space in my backpack so I can take it on an around the world trip.

I've been buying Motion Potion as Birthday gifts for my friends, as so many people seem to have trouble with their bowels. I feel good about spending my money on such a useful gift. Thank you.

Awesome product. Does what it says it does. It's helped me a lot.

I tried Motion Potion and loved the product and the result!

It has made my husband very happy.

My father-in-law said this was the best product he has ever used and recommended it to his daughter (my wife). She agrees !

Got a trial from my colon hydotherapist. Gentle yet effective. Love it!

I am now recommending Motion Potion to all of my irritable friends 🙂

Have been using Motion Potion for a week - brilliant.

This product is truly beneficial,love that potion.

Tried this product recently and it has made such a difference to my body. Love this product.

Motion Potion HAS changed my life. Thank you. I now find myself recommending Motion Potion to friends and family.

Seriously AMAZING stuff!!! I have had problems for the last 2 years which have put a real strain on my quality of life. I received a sample pack from my local health food store thinking here we go, yet another product that wont help me - regardless I gave it a go. I was so wrong and I am SO GLAD that I was. Within 24 hours I felt a massive difference - I felt normal. You have no idea how grateful I am for this product. Well done and thank you. I am so glad that someone finally developed a product that actually works!

Its been a big help. Thanks

Can't start the day without motion potion

I have searched high and low for something like this, there is nothing like it on the market, well done.

This is the best product I have found. I have been suffering for over 20 years.

I have had severe bowel problems most of my life. My regular patterns were once to twice a week. I always felt full , sick and bloated.. I have tried everything in the book to help my bowels along, I tired Benefibre, Metamucil, Pure Psyllium husks, Chinese herbs and even taken magnesium and calcium tablets together as I was told they help the bowel along.. NOTHING WORKED. In my travels a month ago I was in West End Markets in Brisbane and visited the health store they had in there. I chatted with the in store naturopath and she pointed to the Motion Potion containers on her counter and said " This is the best stuff and guarantees results " I was sceptical of course as my history with my bowels was extensive.. I also told the naturopath that I had 5 years of IVF treatment and even after I had my children via caesarean section , the nurses still gave me tablets to make my bowels move and I would pass a small amount only. This was painful as the bowel was pressing against everything else in my stomach and after a fresh Cesar you can really feel it. Nevertheless the naturopath convinced me to give it a go. I bought a container of the powder and took it home and put a heaped teaspoon in a glass of water that evening 30 mins after dinner then had another glass of water after again.. By 8.45 am the next morning MY BOWELS WERE CALLING ME TO THE TOILET (haha) I probably dropped a couple of kilos easy , I have never felt so light and my stomach had never looked so flat.. I couldn't believe it. However I thought " we shall see if it stays regular" and sure enough I go once to twice a day regularly and have been now for a whole month since I bought Motion Potion. I have never felt so good in all my life. I takes a serious miracle for me to say I no longer have bowel issues but I am saying it now. THIS PRODUCT WORKS and I mean really works, take it once a day at least and you will see what I mean. Some people have taken maybe 2 - 3 days before they get a result but most I know have 24 hr result. To show you how much I love it - after I had my son I did Tony Ferguson for about 10 weeks to loose the baby fat... I've never been big I'm a size 8 - 10 always have been , but I wanted to shift the baby fat quickly as I was due back at work sooner than scheduled so I wanted to fit into my clothes and not buy new.. anyway I did Tony Ferguson and of course they had their own bowel powder - which didn't work... So I got to know the girls very well and once of the Tony Ferguson ladies named Sue - told me she has forever had bowel issues. I told her about Motion Potion and said I would get a sample for her to try. I left her some samples and saw her today again (one week later) and she actually hugged me and said THANK YOU SO MUCH. I've never felt so good in all my life , this stuff is magic... She even said she would recommend it to her Tony Ferguson clients who had no luck on the fibre product they had. All in all I've never felt so good and I have recommended this to so many people. I cannot live without my motion potion It makes me feel so good and light and it has regulated me which is huge. I have 2 young kids and its frustrating when your playing with them and then you have a sudden urge to go ... its wonderful stuff and thank you so much it has changed my life TRULY it has.

Thanks to your Motion Potion the mystery pain i have had in my right side has vanished. It turned out to be Ileocecal valve syndrome which is the valve that opens and closes to let food pass from the small to the large intestine. The ingredients have relieved the pain and helped to heal the lining of the area which was inflamed and aggravated. Wished i had have come across it ages ago!!

I am 80 years old and have had an ache in the lower abdomen for sometime, My doctor suspects that it could be diverticulitis and ordered an endoscopy. I have been on Motion Potion for 7 days now and the ache has totally disappeared. I feel better in myself, my health has improved and I no longer get the dragging down feeling in my bowel. I feel I don't even need the endoscopy as it all feels totally fine. Motion Potion is magic stuff. I love the mixture of herbs you have put in, they feel very soothing and gentle.

Thank you to all who contributed to the creation of Motion Potion. I am not one under normal conditions to have great bowl motions, mix 26 weeks pregnant with numerous and large fibroids, scar tisue from a previous surgery to remove fibroids and normal Braxton Hicks tightenings and you have a concoction for considerable pain. Due to the pain from gas and constipation I had Braxton Hicks Contraction almost solidly throughout the day which in turn made the cramping from the gas more painful. I have been taking Motion Potion for this the 4th day now and I experienced relief by the end of the first day. This day 4 I am well slept and my husband didn't have to help me out of bed. I have been up for a couple of hours and the tightenings in my uterus have been gentle and short. I love being pregnant. It is such a joy for me and being able to balance my digestive system makes it easier to focus on what I love and I'm sure gives more to my growing baby with my digestive system more able to absorb and extract all the nutrients we both need. Thank you all again this is a great product.