“Motion Potion literally saved my arse.”

Thanks for saving my arse (how cute was that little pun, eh?).
Motion Potion is the BEST product I’ve ever used for constipation. I buy it for every friend as a baby shower present and if they’re first-time mothers they look confused. I give them a knowing look and I’m like, ‘girl, you’ll need some potion for ya motions- trust.
Anyway, great work.
Louise Wright

This is my favourite Motion Potion testimonial that has come from a fellow Mum, and inspired me to write this article.

So, nobody told you about this part of pregnancy, did they? We all knew about the possible nausea, but the relentless constipation? No one mentioned it! Constipation effects up to 38% of pregnant women. Many of those will also suffer with haemorrhoids and/or anal fissures. Sounds delightful, right? Nup! It isn’t! Something like this can ruin your whole pregnancy experience. You are growing a person inside you, it’s a freaking miracle! You should be reveling in the joy of it. But instead you’re crying on a toilet somewhere.
So first a little about why this all happens. During pregnancy your hormones make all your muscles softer. This includes the muscles of your digestive system that help you eliminate. Pair this with some nausea and vomiting and suddenly you are not eating so much or getting enough fluid. Soon, you’ll be straining do tiny little, hard-to-pass rabbit droppings, and then they stop all together. This is where the nightmare begins.

All of a sudden, your bottom has become a delicate little flower. A less than gentle wipe can cause a split or fissure in the skin around your anus, or pushing out a firm dry poo can cause a terrible haemorrhoid. Often, more damage occurs with each poop as dry firm poos re-open slightly healed wounds. This can cause a lot of pain and bleeding from the anus.

Hopefully, this information is getting to you before it’s come to this. If not, don’t worry, help is at hand!

Drum roll please……..Motion Potion!

Many laxatives are dangerous to take during pregnancy. They can stimulate the uterus and could instigate early labour. Plus they make everything even floppier than it already is causing a vicious cycle of dependency.
Motion Potion is completely natural, it is recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and it works! Don’t worry, it will not cause any dependency or urgency like laxatives can.

This gentle formula contains:
Fibre (both soluble and insoluble)
Soothing Herbs
Alkalising Greens
Friendly Bacteria
Nourishing Pre-biotics.

This magic combination forms a soft, slippery, pleasant tasting gel when mixed with water or juice. It is gentle on the sensitive walls of the digestive tract and is suitable for regular everyday use. Motion Potion helps supply your body with the essentials to maintain smooth, regular elimination.
And it’s not just for pregnant women either. Motion Potion is suitable for people of all ages. Your whole family can benefit from taking it.

10 ways to keep your bowels regular during pregnancy.

1. Take Motion Potion (It’s amazing!) Most people find that just one heaped teaspoon each day delivers fantastic results.
2. Stay hydrated – keep water bottles filled in all your usual stations around the house and workplace. Sip all day long if you can’t stomach a big drink.
3. Exercise – This can become more challenging as you grow but even if it is only a slow waddle around the block, it does wonders!
4. Squatting – Use a small stool in front of the toilet to elevate your feet while pooping. Everything will pass much more easily.
5. Use soft, natural baby wipes on your delicate flower of a bottom. Hard scratchy toilet paper is the worst!
6. Never resist the urge. This is so important! Holding onto a poo can cause blockages that can lead to impaction. Sounds nasty doesn’t it? Well, it is! Everybody poops! Let it go,…. literally!
7. Try not to strain – During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone relaxes the walls of your veins, allowing them to swell more easily. Spend a bit more time relaxing on the toilet. Try to let go rather than push. You can also try having a warm drink just before your usual poop time. Save the pushing for the labour!
8. Eat a whole food, clean diet. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Make sure that your fibre intake is high as well as your good fats. Avocados, eggs, fish, coconut oil, nuts and seeds are all essential for building strong healthy babies.
9. Buy a non-constipative Iron supplement. So many pregnancy multi-vitamins on the market contain ferrous sulphate, it is the cheapest form of Iron supplementation, and usually the culprit for constipation. Speak to your local health food store about a liquid Iron that won’t have these side effects.
10. Incorporate cultured foods into your diet. We even have a book to teach you how to make your own at home. Eating fermented foods restores the balance of friendly gut bacteria in your digestive system, strengthening your bowel function.

If you’re unlucky enough to already be living this nightmare, here’s what to do:

1. Ditch the toilet paper, only use soft, natural baby wipes on your poor bottom and be gentle!
2. You can use a small amount of coconut oil to lubricate your anus before pooping. This will reduce the chances of reopening a tear.
3. ICE is your new best friend. If you have a haemorrhoids, ice the area as often as possible. 10 minutes on/ 10 minutes off.
4. Never, ever, EVER resist the urge to poo. Even if it’s painful and terrifying. It worsens the situation exponentially.

After the birth

It is most important to keep your poos regular and soft in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Going into labour severely constipated is a recipe for disaster. Once you’ve had your baby your bowel movements are going to be a hot topic with your midwife and any other labour support crew. So get used to talking about it. Many new mums are frightened to move their bowels for the first time after giving birth. Especially those with stitches. The thought of even slightly pushing can be just too much. It helps if you get a whole bunch of toilet paper and hold the area of your vagina and perineum firmly towards your body as you evacuate your bowels. Do not delay or hold on. Becoming constipated has very bad consequences.

Pregnancy and birth can be an amazingly joyous experience. It is even more so when your mind is free to focus on falling in love with your baby and not on preventable bodily dysfunctions. Take some time to nurture yourself and your body.
I sincerely wish you a smooth, easy birth and a speedy recovery, with blessings on your little one.
Mrs. Motion Potion

Lisabeth Gavins and her husband Mark are the founders of digestive health formula Motion Potion. Free 3 day trials are available to anywhere in Australia or you can purchase online at www.motionpotion.com.au

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