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What Is Health Kultcha?

Health Kultcha is your one stop shop for all your gut health needs, from lifestyle to products. The team at Health Kultcha are passionate about helping people get to the root cause of disease through clean living, fermentation, good food choices, and amazing plant medicine. 

Join the movement and you’ll find everything you need to build a clear path to a happy healthy life.

Motion Potion

The number one bowel food supplement.

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“Motion Potion literally saved my arse.”

Thanks for saving my arse (how cute was that little pun, eh?).Motion Potion is the BEST product I’ve ever used for constipation. I buy it for every...


We are so confident that Motion Potion can help you that we offer a 100% refund guarantee on all our products. Don’t just take our word for it though. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say.

I have been taking Motion Potion for 2 weeks now and find it great. It really settles my gut down and best of all it does not taste bad!

Ray Kelly

Tried a Sample and Love it!!


“I have suffered for years with Irritable bowel syndrome and spent so much money on products that didn’t help or even made my symptoms worse. Motion Potion has helped me immensely. I’m finally regular and symptom free! Thank you”

Jeni Baker

Thank you very much. Given how much the Motion Potion has transformed my son’s life, I seriously get scared of the possibility of being without it!


This is the best stuff I have ever had, a LIFESAVER!!!!!


I have just started your product and find it very easy to take and that fact that it contains beneficial fibres, pre and pro-biotics it is to be highly recommended.