First of all, let’s get something straight. You should be moving your bowels 1 – 3 times a day, every day.  Your stools should be a beauty to behold! – A perfect no. 4 on the Bristol stool chart. (See below) You shouldn’t have to strain or push or spend more than 5 minutes in the loo. The bathroom should not be a hazardous no-go zone afterwards and you should be left a feeling of ahhhhhhh!.... Pure happiness and relief!

Yes, it is possible.  And yes, we can help you create this.


This magic potion helps you create the perfect poo, every time. With a combination of Naturopathically formulated high quality ingredients that soothe, cleanse, strengthen, and recolonise the gut. Experience what it’s like to have fantastic digestion.

Trust us. There a few things in life better than starting everyday with a great big fluffy, easy to pass poo!

So why is Motion Potion so good?

 Here’s what it’s made of: 

  • Certified Organic Psyllium Husk Powder - ultra fine
  • Slippery Elm (Wild crafted)
  • Marshmallow Root (Wild crafted)
  • Certified Organic Barley Grass
  • Certified Organic Wheat Grass
  • Certified Organic Rosehips
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids (Wild crafted)
  • Certified Organic Linseed
  • Certified Organic Ginger
  • Certified Organic Symbiotic blend of Friendly Bacteria from a process which contains: Lactobacillus; Acidophillus, Bifidus, Plantarum, Delbrueckii, Casei, Bulgaricus, Caucasicus, Fermenti, Brevis, Helveticus, Leichmannii, Lactis, Sporogenes. Saccharomyces: Boulardii & Cerevisiae

Motion Potion is:

  • A complete bowel food that is suitable for all ages and gentle enough for long term use
  • Great for pregnant and lactating women
  • Recommended by Gastroenterologists post surgery 
  • 100% Natural and contains no artificial ingredients
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegan friendly
  • GMO Free
  • Nut and Soy Free
  • Australian made and owned
  • Gluten Free - Even though Motion Potion contains Organic Wheat and Barley grass it remains gluten free. Gluten exists only in the grains not in the grass of these plants.

Motion Potion is not a laxative & will not cause any urgency. In fact, you can take Motion Potion if your stools are too loose too. Laxatives slacken the bowel over time and many people develop dependencies from long term laxative use. Motion Potion, on the other hand, strengthens and supports the body's natural elimination process and is therefore safe and recommended for long term use.

Take a look before you flush

Ewww! You say? C’mon, everybody poops!

It is time to relax a little, and get really clear about the state of your bowel health. Having a little peak at our poos in one of the body’s best diagnostic tools we have.

Bowel Cancer is Australia’s second biggest Cancer Killer. With early detection, around 90% of bowel cancer cases can be treated successfully. However, fewer than 40% of bowel cancers are detected early. When asked, many of these people kept quiet about their symptoms because they were embarrassed. For this very reason, we have decided to use a little light-hearted toilet humour in hopes of shedding light on this taboo subject and

Break the POO TABOO!

By observing your bowel movements you can determine the overall health of your digestive system.

The Bristol stool chart shows the different types of faeces and what a normal movement should look like.

  • Numbers 1-3 indicate a dry compacted stool.
  • Number 4 is the ideal stool. It represents a healthy Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT).
  • Numbers 5-7 show loose stools indicative of an irritated GIT.

A healthy stool should be easy to pass, well formed, smooth and soft, light, fluffy and floating.

Fluffy floaties not stinky sinkies!

About our ingredients

We pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest wild crafted and certified organic ingredients world wide as many of our ingredients do not grow in Australia. Our suppliers range from India, South America, South Africa, Europe, New Zealand and here at home in Oz. We make conscious and sustainable decisions about where we purchase, taking into account the supplier, the farmer and the planet. 

Motion Potion will get you pooping LIKE A BOSS or your money back.